Dad Pretty Proud Of B+ He Got On Fifth Grader's Math Test
Christian Living ยท Apr 25, 2020

LAWRENCE, KS - While helping with his daughter Adeline's math work Friday, local man Greg Lindsey was "pretty proud" to report he got an 87% on her math test.

"Nailed it," he said as the computerized test informed him he got an 87/100 on the quiz. "The triple-digit multiplication was pretty tough, but with a little help from Google's hand calculator function I figured most of them out."

Near the end of the test, Lindsey got stuck on the long division questions and started guessing "C" for most of them. But his strong performance in decimal subtraction and a little help from Adeline landed him squarely in B territory.

"I'm not saying I'm a mathematical genius, but if I were back in the fifth grade, I'd definitely be upsetting the curve," he said.


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