Dems Recommend Drinking Bleach After Learning It Could Cause An Abortion
Politics ยท Apr 25, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Democrats quickly condemned Trump after it was reported by the media that you should drink bleach, inject Lysol, and eat Tide Pods. But Trump's opponents are coming around on the idea of ingesting cleaning products after they learned such methods could cause an abortion.

Nancy Pelosi cautioned her fellow Democrats against attacking Trump too quickly, pointing out that drinking bleach does have some medical benefits, like possibly causing an abortion in a pregnant woman.

"Drinking bleach is normally harmful, yes, but if a pregnant woman does it, then it does have some positive effects," said Pelosi on MSNBC. "If your state has closed the abortion clinics during this pandemic, sometimes bleach is your best option. Who are we to tell a woman not to drink bleach? Her body, her choice."

"You have to drink it to find out what it does, and what it does is provide excellent women's healthcare."


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