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College Football Fans Say Canceling Season Would Infringe On Their Right To Worship

U.S.—Fans of college football are claiming that canceling the upcoming NCAA season would infringe on their God-given right to worship how they choose.

"You can cancel church -- but don't take away college football. It's my constitutional right to worship 'Bama," said one fan of the University of Alabama football team. "The Founders say I can worship in any way I choose, and for me, it's painting my face crimson and screaming at the top of my lungs every Saturday."

People in the South have been particularly vocal about this issue. Though they only half-heartedly protested when church services were canceled, they are now up in arms and ready to start a second civil war over the possible cancelation of college football. Many are calling this a First Amendment issue, citing the freedom of religion.

"The Constitution says I have the right to worship any god I want any way I want," the 'Bama fan continued. "And my God is BAMA! PRAISE JESUS AND ROLL TIDE! But mostly, ROLL TIDE!"

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