Bible Now Includes Warning That It May Contain Spoilers For ‘The Chosen’
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WORLD - Publishers of Bibles around the world are scrambling to put warning stickers on all printed copies of Scripture. This comes after several people complained that the text includes major spoilers for a hit TV show based on the life of Christ called The Chosen. 

Dozens of different Bible translations will now include a warning label reading, "SPOILER ALERT: this book may contain spoilers for the next season of the hit show The Chosen."

"Imagine my shock when I was reading the Gospel of John only to find out the main character dies at the end!" said Sally McGillicuddy, a fan of the show. "I hadn't even gotten to that episode of the series yet! And then I keep reading and find out he rises from the dead? Didn't see that coming! Double spoiler!"

Several publishers are taking it a step further by sealing certain pages of the Bible shut for people who prefer to read them only after they've seen the show. "We want to respect our readers' desires to consume this content in their own way, on their own schedule," said a rep for Zondervan.

Readers are also being warned that the book of Revelation may contain some spoilers for the fate of every soul who has ever lived. Not cool! 

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