Bernie Sanders Criticizes Billionaire For Giving Money To Students Instead Of The Needy Federal Government
Politics · May 20, 2019 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Bernie Sanders's favorite pastime is calling out evil billionaires for their evilness. Sanders found the perfect opportunity to do this once again as billionaire Robert F. Smith announced he would be paying off the student debt of those who graduated from Morehouse College.

Sanders pointed to the egregious waste of funds as a perfect example of what happens when billionaires are allowed to keep their money.

"Why does this evil billionaire think he knows what's best for his money when clearly the incredibly efficient federal government could put it to better use?" Sanders said at a rally Monday. "This is just another example of corrupt billionaires hoarding their money instead of using it for the greater good by giving it to the government."

"We can't stand for it, we won't stand for it, and we will get this reversed if it's the last thing we do," Sanders said to cheers from the crowd. "His money is as good as ours."

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