Babylon Bee Introduces 'Elon Musk' Subscription Plan For Fans Who Happen To Be Eccentric Billionaires
The Babylon Bee · Feb 16, 2021 ·

JUPITER, FL - The Babylon Bee has announced a new "Elon Musk" subscription plan for any fans of the website who happen to be an eccentric billionaire.

The Babylon Bee has featured paid subscription plans for two years now, ranging from $5 a month to a custom amount, but this is the first plan specifically targeted at any billionaires who might be a little bit off their rocker and could afford it. 

Costing just $9,999.99/month, the plan includes a sticker, a Babylon Bee PopSocket, and free access to anything in the Babylon Bee's breakroom fridge. Most importantly, it includes the knowledge that you're helping a hilarious website pay the bills.

"If you're, say, the richest man in the world, this subscription plan might just be for you," said CEO Seth Dillon. "I believe in the mission of The Babylon Bee, which is to make millions of dollars spreading dangerous misinformation. That's a worthy mission anyone can get on board with."

At publishing time, The Babylon Bee had announced a new $50,000,000 one-time contribution option that includes everything the previous tiers have, plus ownership of The Babylon Bee.

For any readers who happen to fit the description above, the plan can be found here.


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