9 Possible Christ Figures In Narnia
Sponsored · May 10, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

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The beloved series The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis has been treasured for over half a century, but did you know the books are actually allegorical, too? They are! In fact, you can find traces of Lewis's Christian faith sprinkled throughout his work. They can be hard to find, but knowing where to look is the key to enjoying these stories on a whole new level.

To help, The Babylon Bee has compiled the following list of Narnia characters who may actually be representations of Jesus:

  1. Mr. Tumnus: This beloved Faun with a human torso and goat-like feet is kind and gentle toward children — just like Jesus.
  2. Beaver: His house is made of wood. Just like the cross. An unmistakable comparison.
  3. The White Witch: She's as white as snow! Way to hit us over the head with an on-the-nose allegory, Lewis!
  4. Gandalf: This is an obvious one.
  5. Trufflehunter: He recklessly pursues those truffles, just like Jesus recklessly pursued us.
  6. The Lamppost: It lights the way. Remind you of someone?
  7. The Centaur that totally clobbers the bad monsters with a huge club: That's awesome. You know who else is awesome? Yeah, you guessed it.
  8. Reepicheep: Small and lowly, but brave and honorable — traits that perfectly describe Christ!
  9. C.S. Lewis: There are a ton of great Narnia characters, but this guy has always been our favorite.

There you have it — every Narnia character who represents Jesus Christ. If there's any other character in the stories who paints a better picture of the Son of God, we don't know who it is.

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