8 Ways To Spot A Christian Kid In Public School
Sponsored · Sep 27, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

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Public schools are a lot different today than they were years ago. In the old days, Christian kids could blend right in with the crowd at public schools. Today? Not so much. God-fearing, Bible-believing kids tend to stick out like sore thumbs at school these days.

How easy is it to spot them? The Babylon Bee is here with a list of dead giveaways.

  1. They do this weird thing where they close their eyes and fold their hands before eating lunch: Suspicious!
  2. They have zero holes in their face, their hair isn't rainbow colored, and you can confidently tell their gender: Total Jesus freak.
  3. They point to the sky after booting a home run in kickball: We see you, Timmy!
  4. They ask the band director if they can play the hand bell: That one's a freebie.
  5. Uses bigoted phrases like "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir": The nerve of these Christian kids!
  6. Always wearing a "Kirk Cameron Rulz" T-shirt: Guaranteed to believe Jesus rules.
  7. Politely asks if they can learn about math instead of gender theory: That's got Christian written all over it.
  8. Parent-teacher conference has to be called because they keep baptizing other students in the school pool: A big clue!

There you have it. If you notice any kids at your school fitting the description of the items listed above, you'll know you're really with one of those Jesus Freaks!

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