7 Reasons Gun Control Will Make Your Family Safer
Sponsored · Apr 17, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

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One of the most heated and never-ending debates in America is that of gun control. Opponents of gun control cite the Second Amendment of the Constitution as the final word to end all discussion, whereas proponents of increased gun control scream really loud. It's all so confusing!

To help you understand why putting new gun control laws in effect will make you and your family safer, The Babylon Bee has compiled this helpful list.

  1. There were no guns in the Bible: If God thought guns would keep you safe, He would have created them a long time ago and written about them in His Word.
  2. It allows you to trust the government to protect your family: And the government does EVERYTHING well and efficiently!
  3. Firing a gun gives people PTSD, which kills at least 12 million families per year: We're getting PTSD just writing this article. You don't want it. Trust us.
  4. There will be less conflict when your kids are taken to be raised by the state: No one will get hurt, and everyone will be better off in the long run!
  5. If you take guns away, all bad guys instantly become good guys: After all, it's the guns that are evil, not human beings.
  6. If you don't have a gun, you don't have to spend money on ammo, and that money can then be used to purchase more COVID masks to protect your family: Forget the threat of crime and violence — everyone knows COVID is the real danger!
  7. Everyone respects laws: Even criminals know it's best to follow the rules!

See? Gun control isn't so bad after all!

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