YouTube Wins Teacher Of The Year Award
Entertainment · Feb 22, 2021 ·

U.S. - With schools still closed in many parts of the country, there weren't many candidates for the Teachers Association of America's coveted Teacher of the Year Award. But one teacher did seem to stand head and shoulders above the rest: YouTube.

The video platform was granted the prestigious honor at a virtual ceremony Friday. The organization praised YouTube's around-the-clock availability, versatility and variety of content, and willingness to teach even extremely niche, oddly specific topics to any student almost anywhere in the world.

"Where some teachers' unions have failed our students, YouTube has been there 24/7," said the event's emcee. "YouTube has done a better job than almost any schoolteacher this year, instructing kids in any practical topic they wish to know about. YouTube never gets tired or cranky or hungry, and if you don't like the worldview of a particular video, you can just turn it off instead of being brainwashed."

"It's my honor to give this award to one of the finest teachers the world has ever known."

YouTube even does a great job teaching adults who want remedial training on basic mathematics, beating all the shrines in Breath of the Wild, or replacing a headlight on a 2010 Ford Fusion. 

"Thanks, YouTube!"


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