Worship Guitarist's Hand Melts Off During 'Mighty To Save' Intro
Church ยท Dec 6, 2016 ยท BabylonBee.com

ST. LOUIS, MO - Worship guitarist James "Whitesnake" Lee was rushed to the hospital Sunday morning, as the flesh on his left hand began melting from his bones during the scorching guitar lick at the beginning of popular worship song "Mighty to Save" at Crossroadspointe Church, sources confirmed Thursday.

According to witnesses, Lee was able to begin the iconic tune without too much trouble, but as he continued to pull off the lightning-fast series of hammer-ons and pull-offs, smoke began to rise from the red-glowing neck of his guitar, indicating that something was amiss.

"I was so focused on nailing it, I didn't even notice," the worship guitarist noted to sources.

Sure enough, as Lee finished off the epic riff, large globules of skin began to drip onto the church's stage, exposing the bones on his left fingers, hand, and wrist. Onlookers screamed in horror and called out to Lee, but the popular worship guitarist was in such a state of worshipful bliss he was apparently unaware of the life-threatening blaze crawling its way up his arm.

"I'm lucky Djembe Dan tackled me and put out the flames, or I'd have been a goner for sure," Lee told reporters from his hospital bed. "Next time, we're gonna settle for a nice rhythm guitar rather than attempting that intense intro again."


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