Woman Forced To Go Back And Redo Gym Workout After Forgetting To Hit Record On Phone
Health · Feb 21, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

ATLANTA, GA — In a frustrating turn of events, Ashley Simmons was forced to redo her entire Tuesday afternoon gym workout after forgetting to hit record on her phone.

"Ugh! An entire workout down the drain," Simons commented. "I did like, 20 squats and a bunch of 5-pound curls and then I looked down and my friggin' phone wasn't even recording! It's like those calories I burned meant nothing."

Fellow gym patrons noticed Simons redoing her workout a second time, an occurrence they say happens with some regularity at the facility.

"I was on the treadmill and I noticed this woman in skin-tight workout pants and a sports bra setting up a floor mat for a workout and I thought, ‘I bet in five seconds she looks at the camera and says something about everyone asking about her thigh workout'. Tale as old as time," gym patron Sam Baker said. "Turns out she wasn't even filming so we were all subjected to the same thing twice."

As of publishing time, Simons had filmed her second workout and was sitting on the weight bench at the gym trying to find the perfect Instagram filter for her video while ten people waited for her to move so they could use the equipment for its intended purposes.

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