Black Woman Finally Feels Included As Google A.I. Generates Black Nazi Soldier
Tech · Feb 21, 2024 ·

BALTIMORE, MD — Technology has officially brought the world one step closer to full unity and racial reconciliation, as a local black woman finally felt included after Google A.I. generated a photograph of a black, female Nazi soldier.

"This is the type of representation I've been waiting all my life to experience," said Shaniqua Green. "After decades of nothing but white Nazis, I can finally see a strong, confident black female wearing a swastika. Thanks, Google!"

Google's Gemini artificial intelligence model has come into question recently after it seemingly refused to depict Caucasian people when prompted to display historical images. "I know people have their qualms, but it's inspiring," said Green as she asked Gemini to generate images of the Rape of Nanking. "Just to see people who look like me portrayed as perpetrating some of the most infamous and horrific acts throughout history is a sign of real progress."

Google said it hopes Gemini's programming helps previously underrepresented segments of the population truly feel like they were a part of some of the worst moments in human history. "When you ask Google who murdered millions in gulags, rest assured you will see every ethnicity and gender represented amongst the executioners," said Google executive Roger Damon. "Nothing will heal the world quite like representing the Auschwitz guards as strong black women."

At publishing time, Green was celebrating the historic achievement of Google Gemini generating the very first depiction of an all-black chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

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