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Wise Father Suggests Cutting IPad In Half To Settle Kids' Dispute

PITTSBURGH, PA—This past weekend, a father demonstrated Solomonic wisdom in settling a dispute between his children. The bickering siblings were fighting over whose turn it was to play on the family's communal iPad. As the struggle reached a fever pitch, the wise Jason Hambrick confiscated the device. Holding up the saw on his multitool, he calmly suggested, “The only way to settle this, is to cut the iPad in two, and each of you can have half.”

The judgment, however, did not have the same effect as the biblical account, as both kids simultaneously retorted, “Fine.”

Unwilling to admit his plan had backfired, the frustrated dad attempted to call his children's bluff and began to actually saw the tablet in half. Both of the youngsters watched silently as their father destroyed their beloved device.

Thinking they had learned their lesson, he handed the two halves of the iPad to his kids, who immediately began fighting over which one would get the half with the home button.

After Hambrick's wife woke up from her nap and learned what had happened, she was forced to confiscate his multitool again.

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