Wife Overestimates Amount Of Food Needed For Party Of 7 By About 3,000
Family · May 30, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

ANAHEIM, CA — A local woman was once again left with several truckloads of leftover food after severely overestimating the amount needed to feed her dinner party of 7 people by roughly 3,000 servings.

"She does this every time," said Bobby Biriescu of his mother, Elena. "She can't make a meal for a small group of people. She literally can't. One time, she tried really hard to cut down on the amount of food she made, and it was even worse. She ended up with 78 pounds of leftover pork chops. It's like a disorder."

Sources say the menu, which initially began as just some hamburgers and homemade french fries, soon ballooned to include baked chicken breasts, braised rack of lamb, a 20-pound deep-fried turkey, two dozen grilled steak and vegetable kabobs, 17 roasted pheasants, 30 loaves of homemade bread, and an estimated 50 bushels of steamed vegetables. "We always tell her it's overkill, but she doesn't ever listen," said Elena's youngest son, Anthony. "There's a reason we have five refrigerators in the garage."

Neighbors reported being able to smell the food cooking from several miles away, while nearby grocery stores were having difficulty keeping shelves stocked due to the demands of the meal.

At publishing time, the family was uncomfortably stuffed after each person finished their third plate, while Elena was last seen butchering a goat to make sure she didn't run out of food.

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