We At The Babylon Bee Would Like To Announce We Have Obtained Dirt On Hillary Cli
The Babylon Bee · May 21, 2022

The moment has finally arrived. Many people have claimed to finally be able to bring down the Clintons with evidence of their ALLEGED wrongdoings. But the powerful family has always seemed to evade arrest and conviction for their ALLEGED dark and sinister crimes.

Until now, that is. Because our investigative team here at The Babylon Bee is one of the best. There's Dan, who's really good at googling stuff. There's Adam, who we send undercover places by stacking him on two other employees inside of a trenchcoat. And there's Travis. We're not really sure what he does here. He's just Travis.

Anyway, we have a big announcement to make.

We at The Babylon Bee would like to announce that we have obtained dirt on Hillary Cli

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