Video Emerges Of Biden Saying Something Completely Coherent
Politics · Aug 10, 2020 ·

U.S. - In a revelation that could upend the 2020 presidential campaign, a shocking new video has emerged of Joe Biden saying a full, coherent sentence. To the relief of many dozens of supporters, Biden has proved to the world that he can string at least 8 words together in the proper order according to guidelines set forth by the English language.  

According to sources who have obtained a copy of the leaked video, there is a moment where Biden looks directly at the camera and says, "I'm Joe Biden, and I'm running for president." 

Many are applauding this colossal achievement by the presidential candidate. However, for those who enjoy Biden's folksy way of jumbling his words, this is being seen as a major gaffe. The campaign immediately started doing damage control, releasing ads reminding voters that Joe Biden is still the bumbling old goof they know and love. 

Biden's team of 13 sound engineers tasked with piecing together random words uttered by Biden and forming real sentences with them for campaign ads is reportedly concerned for their jobs after hearing the possibility they may not be needed anymore. 

Update: the video has been exposed as a doctored deep fake.

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