VeggieTales Producers Apologize For Episode Where Larry The Cucumber Joins The KKK

GLENDALE, CA—VeggieTales producers have been forced to apologize for a recently released episode in which Larry the Cucumber attended a Ku Klux Klan meeting and discussed the supposed superiority of the white race for the length of the program.

A group of students at Cal State San Marcos recently criticized the series for supposed racism, and it appears they were correct. The episode shows Larry the Cucumber climbing higher and higher within the white supremacist organization, being more and more brainwashed to believe the talking points of the far right. At one point he calls for the death of all black peas and cherries.

"We acknowledge that this one may have gone too far," one writer said. "It wasn't a good look for us. It's obvious now that we're racists who need to reassess our values if we're going to get back on track as a Christian kids' show. The signs were there all along, but now our racism has come to the surface for all to see."

"We are so, so sorry."

The episode concludes with Qwerty the Computer accessing several far-right activist pages to teach the kids a lesson on white supremacy for the day, another move the writers agreed was "too far."

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