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Winning: Trump Memorized The Whole Apostles' Creed And Recited It Quietly In His Head So As Not To Draw Attention To Himself


Get a load of this: while attention-seeking people like the Clintons, the Obamas, and everyone else in the venue felt the need to recite the Apostles' Creed loudly and boastfully at a memorial service for George H.W. Bush yesterday, there was one man of humility present.

That man was President Donald Trump. The guy obviously had the Apostles' Creed memorized word for word, and didn't need to read off a program like some kind of a religious weakling. 

In fact, he's so pious that he didn't want to draw attention to himself, so he just recited it quietly in his head, as is his custom.


"I am the best at memorizing creeds," he told reporters. "The very best. All these losers here, they had to read off the program. Sad! Very bad look!"  When asked what his favorite Bible verse was, Trump used some master 4D chess skills and replied, "I don't want to come off as bragging about all my bibley knowledge. My actions speak for themselves."

Awesome. It's great to have such a Christian leader of our nation!

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