Christian Songwriters Announce They've Completely Run Out Of Rhymes For 'Grace'
Christian Living · Dec 6, 2018 ·

U.S. - A coalition of CCM artists announced Thursday that they've completely run out of rhymes for the word "grace."

Tragically, there will be no more Christian music produced until the songwriters can come up with a solution to the grace rhyme shortage. CCM advocates have pushed for national leaders to address the global crisis immediately, before it's too late.

"We've used face, space, trace, and place, of course," said Chris Tomlin as he frantically scribbled ideas down in a notebook. "There's literally nothing else left. I guess we could use 'mace' but that's kinda dark."

"Oooh! What about 'yasss!'?" he said hopefully, but David Crowder stepped forward, put his hand on Tomlin's shoulder, and shook his head gravely. "Sorry, bro. Yass rhymes with, like, bass - bass like the fish, not bass like the guitar."

Jon Foreman reportedly suggested the artists possibly write more esoteric lyrics rather than making every song explicitly mention grace, but was asked to leave.

At publishing time, the group had further confirmed they're scraping the bottom of the barrel on rhymes for the word "love."

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