Vaccinated Denied Treatment For Overwhelming Hospitals

U.S.—Understaffed and overflowing hospitals are once again facing a covid public health crisis. In response to this surge of patients, some hospitals are now denying healthcare to the vaccinated and boosted.

“What we’re seeing right now is a pandemic of the vaccinated,” said Dr. Jacob Higgins. “We have a moral imperative to first help those who have done the right thing, taken care of their bodies, and are naturally immune.”

Many are calling this decision to deny care to the vaccinated gross and unethical. “I mean, sure yesterday I was calling for the unvaccinated to be denied health care and the basic ability to buy food, but now that it’s on me—it just seems wrong,” said Alex Greene, a quadruple boosted 22-year-old. 

Several vaccinated conspiracy theorists have claimed that they’ve “done their research” and have listened to fringe, unreliable sources such as CNN, Dr. Fauci, and the CDC. They indicate that they believe Pfizer, Moderna, and the U.S. government actually have their best interest at heart.

“They chose to ignore science,” Dr. Higgins continued. “They chose to act recklessly, and irresponsibly. Continuing to get injections from Big Pharma was always going to have consequences.”

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