Upcoming '90s Christian Music Compilation Titled 'WOW This Music Was Corny'
Christian Living · Aug 16, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

BRENTWOOD, TN - A rumored and highly anticipated new compilation of favorite CCM hits from the 1990s was officially announced by Capitol Christian Music Group Wednesday morning, with the final title being confirmed as WOW This Music Was Corny: 30 Christian Hits From The 90s That Are Very Hard To Listen To.

The three-disc set will reportedly pack in dozens of super-cheesy Christian songs from the '90s, including Audio Adrenaline's "Big House," Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Great Adventure," and the entire Point of Grace discography.

"We wanted a title that really evoked that sense of adventure, wonder, and mawkish lyrics from the 1990s," a Capitol Christian rep told reporters. "So we decided we'd just call it like it is: this music really was extremely corny."

"Seriously, though. I might get in trouble for saying this, but don't buy this album. I mean it," the rep later said off the record.

The compilation will include not only cringe-inducing contributions from artists like Carman, Geoff Moore and the Distance, and 4Him, but also painful worship hits like "Trading My Sorrows," "In the Secret," and "The Heart of Worship."


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