Twitter To Display Warning Before You Compare Something To A Concentration Camp
Internet · Jun 19, 2019 ·

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - In a new feature rolling out to users today, Twitter is going to begin issuing a warning before you compare something to a concentration camp from Nazi Germany.

"It looks like you're trying to compare something to a concentration camp," the warning reads. "This is probably a terrible idea. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

The user is then prompted to click "Confirm" before they go ahead and tweet comparing something from modern-day America to the horrifying genocide of "undesirables" in the 1930s and '40s in Germany.

"This feature should prevent a lot of politicians and political activists and unemployed people from making a cringe-inducing comparison between a mild injustice and the horrors of the Holocaust," said one Twitter representative. "We're just trying to help out some of our favorite left-leaning politicians from putting their foot in their mouth again."

Unfortunately, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly had her aides circumvent the feature on her account.

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