Trump Leads Aides On Wild Chase Through White House As They Attempt To Confiscate His Smartphone
Politics · Jul 3, 2017 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - According to sources within the Trump White House, the President and Commander in Chief led a squad of White House aides on a wild chase through the West Wing early Monday morning, after the team of assistants attempted to confiscate Trump's smartphone to prevent him from posting anything on social media.

Sources claim a female aide attempted to distract the President while the others sneaked up behind him and made an attempt for the phone.

But he was too quick.

Lunging for his iPhone 7, rolling over the table, and vaulting over an Oval Office sofa before making his getaway through a side door, Trump kicked off the wildest presidential chase in White House history.

The escapade saw aides and other White House staffers forming blockades in key passageways, crawling through ventilation ducts, and narrowly missing the President with several desperate tackle maneuvers, as Trump furiously fired off a barrage of tweets, memes, and GIFs from his official Twitter account.

"Staff turning on me. Theyre going 2 have to get a real job after theyre fired. Sad!" Trump tweeted as he climbed a maintenance ladder with his array of aides and assistants hot on his tail.

The chase reportedly culminated in a rooftop confrontation, with the President leaping from the White House building to his waiting Marine One helicopter in a stunning display of agility.

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