Man Frustrated At 'Hillsong NYC' Dance Club After Being Unable To Locate Bartender
Ministries · Jul 4, 2017 ·

NEW YORK, NY - After sitting at a cafe table in a recently opened club called "Hillsong NYC" for over an hour, club hopper Troy Conway reportedly stormed out of the place due to being unable to locate a bartender or server to bring him a beer and a shot.

Conway managed to sneak through the front doors of the club without paying a cover fee Wednesday evening, and as he slipped through the dark, crowded venue, he was somehow able to locate an available table in a prime location to view the night's band and comedic motivational speaker.

But Conway's enjoyment of the new bar and lounge gave way to frustration as the band prepared to kick off a second set of rock songs, as he had attempted to wave down a bartender or server for close to 45 minutes as he he sat and puffed cigarettes.

"Talk about lousy service," he later wrote on the club's Facebook page. "I waited through the band's whole first set and the entire 20-minute inspirational comedy routine, and I can't get one drink? Ridiculous. I just went over to Le Bain and got myself a drink within the first five minutes instead. Hard pass on Hillsong NYC next time!!!"

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