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Trump Blasts McDonald's Employee On Twitter For Forgetting To Put Extra Ketchup On His Quarter Pounder

WEST PALM BEACH, FL—President Trump took to Twitter Friday to blast an employee at a West Palm Beach McDonald’s location after the young woman reportedly neglected to put an adequate amount of extra ketchup on his Quarter Pounder with cheese, “as specifically requested.”

Sending an aide from the Trump International Golf Club to fetch lunch at the nearest golden arches, the president reportedly became furious after discovering his favorite McDonald’s fare—a Quarter Pounder with Cheese—contained only a “totally average” amount of ketchup.

Trump reportedly ate the burger while firing off numerous tweets calling the situation “sad!” “not good!” and a “total disaster!” and complaining loudly the whole time about the “disrespect” and “ungratefulness” showed to him by the fast-food employee whose firing he demanded.

To cheer himself up after finishing his meal, the president ordered up a well-done New York Strip from the kitchen at Trump International Golf Club, to be served with “a full bowl of ketchup” for dipping, according to sources.

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