Controversy As Transgender Man Wins First Place In Cooking Contest
Lifestyle · Apr 26, 2019 ·

FAIRHOPE, AL - A controversy has erupted as a transgender man took first place in a male-only cooking contest. The biological woman, Pat Miller, who now identifies as male, shattered all previous records, making delicious sandwiches and whipping up a mean casserole to take first prize in every single category in the men's division.

Critics say the woman was clearly just identifying as a man so she could dominate the men's division of the cooking contest. They pointed out that she was clearly a woman with a mustache and goatee drawn on her face and that her biological feminine instincts gave her unfair advantages against the men.

"This is clearly a biological woman competing against biological men, just so she can set all kinds of records in the cookie-baking, sandwich-making, and casserole-making categories," said one Fox News pundit. "This is disgusting. Is this what we've come to as a country? Are we now a nation that's OK with men getting destroyed in baking contests just because a woman decides she wants to identify as male?"

Men in the contest struggled to even make one passable sandwich or meatloaf, while Miller crushed them with her unbelievable baking skills.

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