Toyota Reveals The Prius Has Been Gay This Whole Time
Lifestyle · Jun 17, 2020 ·

JAPAN - You probably knew it by now, but today Toyota officially announced that the Prius is gay.  The auto giant said it was long past time to let the public in on the vehicle's dirty little secret; and the announcement shocked almost nobody.    

"We felt the time was right for Prius to come out of the closet," Toyota spokesman Andrew Welsh explained.  "It's Pride month 2020, and let's be honest, a lot of strange things have happened this year.  We thought a hybrid car coming out as gay might even seem normal in a year like this."

Though most normal people had already guessed that Prius was super gay, some people just don't have good gaydar.  The news shocked hundreds of people worldwide.  

"No way," said valley girl Alicia Simmons.  "The Prius can't be gay.  My dad drives a Prius.  O-M-G, does that mean my dad is gay?  I HAVE to call my mom!"

The gay community welcomed Prius with open arms, and got right to work on a campaign to require that everyone at least test drive the hybrid, just to see what it's like.  The group also decided it was only right that they add a "P" to their ever-lengthening acronym.  Welcome to the LGBTQP community Prius!


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