Touching: This Megachurch Pastor Just Met A Church Member Of Nine Years For The First Time
Church ยท Sep 5, 2017 ยท

Right now we are feeling all the feels.

Megachurch pastor Jake Bryant just met one of his congregants, who has been attending the church for almost a decade, for the very first time.

Those witnessing the heartfelt scene say the pastor was trying to slip out a side door after the third service Sunday morning, attempting to get to his car so he could make his flight to a conference. By a stroke of sheer luck, churchgoer Jane Gunderson spotted him through a glass door.

She did what any of us would do if we were lucky enough to see our megachurch pastor from less than 100 yards away: she burst through the door hollering and waving, and ran straight up to him to try to get a handshake and introduce herself. Of course, Pastor Jake tried to pretend he didn't hear, but fumbled with his G-Class's keys just a moment too long while trying to open the door leading to his private parking area, and was forced to smile and shake Jane's hand.


"Jane's a blessed lady," one deacon said, emotion in his voice. "It really was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Heck, I can count on one hand the number of members here who have personally met Pastor Jake face-to-face like that. A truly special moment."

As if meeting the pastor and briefly shaking his hand weren't enough, Jane later told her family she had even gotten Pastor Jake to SIGN. HER. BIBLE. Seriously!

We think it's safe to say our faith in humanity is RESTORED.

There's been a lot of bad press lately about megachurch pastors. So the next time you see someone questioning their sincerity, just point them to this story. Case closed!

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