To Improve Next Debate Both Candidates' Mics Will Be Muted The Entire Time
Politics · Oct 21, 2020 ·

U.S. - In an attempt to improve viewers' experience at the next debate, both candidates' mics will be muted the entire time.

Viewership is expected to soar with this change, with people from all across the country suddenly being able to bear watching the two candidates desperately try to shout out their points while nobody can hear them.

"This will make the debate much more watchable," said one organizer. "No more shouting over each other, no more bizarre statements or inaccurate claims. Just sweet, uninterrupted silence."

Based on popular demand, the moderator's mic will also be muted.

Both campaigns say they are in favor of the change, as it eliminates the chance their candidate will say something stupid. Though the Biden campaign is still worried he might take his shirt off or something, so they are pushing for the debate to have no video feed either.


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