To Honor Willie Mays, Nancy Pelosi Accidentally Shares Image Of Carl From The Simpsons
Politics · May 10, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to pay tribute to baseball legend Willie Mays for his 90th birthday last week in a heartfelt message on social media.

In an unfortunate mixup, she instead shared an image of Carl Carlson from the Simpsons. 

"Let me be clear," said Nancy Pelosi. "This was all my staff's fault and it had nothing to do with me. I know Willie's face like the back of my hand. I met him at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant 30 years ago. He's a lovely, lovely musician of color. Good morning! Sunday morning!" 

Pelosi's staff quickly apologized for the blunder and replaced the picture with a photograph of Samuel L. Jackson. 


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