Tim Tebow Called Out On Strikes, Turns And Heals Umpire Of Blindness
Celebs ยท Oct 13, 2016

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - During Wednesday's game in the Arizona Fall League, former NFL quarterback turned baseball player Tim Tebow was called out on strikes to end his second at bat. According to reports, Tebow quickly turned and stared intensely at umpire Garrett Patterson, seemingly upset with the call. Witnesses state that Tebow then took a knee next to the plate.

"I wasn't sure exactly what he was doing, but what happened next was a miracle," Patterson told reporters.

As the Scottsdale Scorpions left fielder knelt in the batter's box, he spat on the ground and began rubbing the spittle into the dirt. He then stood and faced the umpire, holding the paste in his hands, and asked him to remove his mask.

Patterson hesitantly removed his mask, and Tebow immediately rubbed the substance into his eyes. Witnesses report that Patterson raised his eyelids and small scales fell to the ground.

"I couldn't believe it," he told reporters. "Suddenly, my vision was so sharp, so clear. I don't think anyone complained about a call the rest of the game."

"When he called strike three on a ball that was clearly down and away, I knew he must be suffering from vision loss," said Tebow. "Rather than argue the terrible call, I felt the Lord leading me to heal this man's malady."

When the game was over, each of the field umpires approached Tebow to ask if he could do the same for them, sources confirmed.


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