'The Jews Killed Christ!' Says Man Whose Sin Killed Christ
Theology · May 8, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

LOS ANGELES, CA — In a scene that witnesses describe as chaotic, a man visiting a Bible study began to rant about the Jews killing Christ, seemingly unaware that it was actually his own sins that helped kill Jesus.

The Bible study was slated to be about Acts chapter 4, where the early church describes the kings and rulers of the earth who raged and plotted against the Lord's anointed. However, it quickly descended into one visitor launching into all of his conspiracy theories about the Jews.

"Let's begin our Bible study today," began group leader Timothy. "This is where the believers pray, saying Herod, Pontius Pilate, along with the Gentiles and — "

"Wrong! The Jews killed Christ," interrupted the belligerent visitor, who wouldn't give his real name but told people to find him on X at his "ResearchingTheJews" anonymous account. "You can watch the 4-hour documentary that's pinned to my social media profile about how the Jews are Christ-killers, behind all the wars in the world, and at fault for everything bad in my life — I mean, in the world."

The other men shifted a little uncomfortably in their seats as leader Timothy tried to reason with the man. Timothy tried to respond, "Well, Christ's atoning sacrifice was necessary for the sins of each person, and we're all sinful. We're about to read in Acts 4 that it was God's power and will that determined what would happen to Jesus and — "

"No, it was just the Jews," replied the man. "The rest of us are all good. No responsibility whatsoever."

At publishing time, the man had begun to argue with Jesus' own words when Christ said that no one could take his life from Him, but that He had the authority to lay it down and to take it back up again.

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