'The Generation After Mine Is The Worst,' Says Every Generation In Human History
World ยท Feb 2, 2022

WORLD - A controversial new study published in the scientific journal Acta Sociologica reveals that every human in history has declared the generation after theirs to be "the absolute worst" while also lamenting their taste in music.

The findings were peer-reviewed by respected historians and theologians who confirm that humans have hated younger generations since the dawn of time.

"Boomers can't stand Generation X and Generation X can't stand Millenials," said Generational Scientist Dr. Stephen Maximillian, one of four lead authors on the study. "I don't think it's too soon to admit Millenials wish Zoomers would just die."

Professor Dr. Martin Fruit, a Hatred Historian at Harvard University, suggests the findings will retroactively change what we know about history. "As it turns out, conquerers like Ghengis Khan and Napoleon were simply motivated by generational hatred. They just wanted everyone off their lawn - to the extreme," he said.

"Incidentally, the study has revealed Adam and Eve were the only two humans in history to not be hated by an older generation because there were none," says Eden expert Dr. Gerald Blathemy. "But, in an act of cosmic balance, they have been hated by every subsequent generation into eternity."

At publishing time, the study was rejected by a consensus of Boomer scientists who insist that GenX "really isn't that bad."

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