The Babylon Bee Guide To Gen Z Slang

The best way to deal with Gen Z slang is to ignore it and tell them to shut up. But sometimes, if you're a youth pastor or teacher or something, you might actually have to engage with this dumb generation. Unfortunately, it's hard to even understand what they mean nowadays, since they keep changing the English language, torturing it until it begs for mercy. English should be unchanging, gosh darn it! 

Anyway, yeah, here are some popular Gen Z phrases and what they actually mean, as far as we can tell:

Yeet - We think this means throw. But in some contexts it might also mean "advanced automotive repair" or "to butter one's toast" -- it's really unclear.

The Gram - Refers to illicit drugs, which are sold by the gram. "Did you see the picture of my dog on the gram?" could be code for "Please sell me drugs."

Fam - A reference to your traditional nuclear family with a mom, dad, and siblings. "Dear, would you set the table for us please?" "I got u, fam."

Stan - Drugs?

No Cap - A phrase used when you're in a hurry leaving the house and your hair is messy and you didn’t have time to grab a hat. "Hey bro, your hair is messy, no cap!"

Basic - The unpaid or freemium version of a service. "Hey man, do you have Spotify Premium?" "Nah, I just have the basic to save on my monthly expenses."

Big yikes - Said in response to something you even slightly disagree with. "I like tacos." "That's a big yikes, chief."

Tea - Also maybe drugs.

I'm dead - "My heart has stopped beating and I am no longer breathing. Please call 9-1-1 immediately."

Sus - Means "Cool," "tight," or "dope." "That guy is lookin' preeeetty sus, fam."

Sending me - Used when someone is shipping you a package -- possibly with drugs in it. "Did you get the tea?" "Yeah it's sending me."

Ghosting - Short for "good hosting," used when a chivalrous boyfriend treated you with respect on your last date. "He totally ghosted me." "Awesome!"

Ship - Used when two people are a good couple. It refers to the classic film Titanic, in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet fell in love on a "ship."

Drip - Definitely drugs.

Boomer - Anyone older than 25.

Catch these hands - Raising your hands in worshipful praise to Jesus.

Netflix & chill - An innocent time of watching family-friendly films on Netflix and "chilling," or hanging out. Nothing to worry about if your teen texts this.

Lowkey - Used when you drop your car keys, so they are on the ground, hence "low key." Example: "Aw man, I dropped my keys again, lowkey!"

TFW - Trade for weed. If you see this your youngsters are trying to secure some marijuana in trade for goods or services. So, once again, when in doubt, it's drugs.

This ain't it, chief - An expression used when you are telling the leader of an indigenous tribe that he is mistaken about the identity of an object. "Is this my peyote?" "Nah, this ain't it, chief."

Does that all make sense? We hope so! Now go out there and yeet anything you see that's sus, fam! Big yikes!

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