Surprising Study Reveals Half Of Joe Biden's Twitter Followers Are Real
Tech · May 18, 2022 ·

U.S. - A recent study has audited Joe Biden's Twitter followers to determine whether or not they are in fact real followers. The results have left the world stunned as everyone discovered half of his followers are somehow real people.

"11 million of Biden's followers are real? That seems high," said Mike Vanders, a social media analyst. "The American people can't even follow what he has to say, much less follow him on Twitter."

According to sources, most experts had estimated that maybe a dozen or so of the President's followers were real and that the remaining 22 million were all fake accounts designed to make Biden look good. 

"We're all shocked this bombshell report claiming 51.7% of Biden's followers are actual, breathing humans," said Brett Houston, Twitter auditor. "We assumed that maybe he had a couple of followers from his family, and maybe a few unhinged leftists, but we truly never imagined him having followers on this scale."

For Biden's most die-hard supporters, this revelation has caused them to question the claim that he actually is the "Most Popular President" of all time. Many found themselves wondering how it's possible for a man to get 81 million votes if only 11 people follow him on Twitter.

At publishing time, the auditors discovered that they had just accidentally reviewed Biden's votes for the 2020 election instead. They apologized for their error and confirmed that only half of the votes cast for Biden are real and the number of his Twitter followers remains unknown. 

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