Staffers Beg Ralph Northam To Reconsider MLK Jr Costume
Politics · Jan 20, 2020 ·

RICHMOND, VA - As Governor Ralph Northam prepared to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, staffers begged him to reconsider dressing up as the iconic civil rights activist.

"Ralph, we're begging you -- don't dress up as MLK Jr this year," one exasperated aide pleaded as Northam got out his trusty shoe polish. "We know you're doing it all in good fun, but racism isn't socially acceptable anymore."

"Do it in private if you want, but man, we're telling you, it's not a good look."

The governor didn't seem to understand what the issue is. "I'm the spitting image of King," he said as he modeled his blackface outfit in front of horrified staffers. "It's a classic. The people will love me."

Eventually, Northam relented and dressed up as Rosa Parks instead.


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