At Last: Spotify Will Now Automatically Switch Your Music From Secular To Christian As Soon As You Pull Into The Church Parking Lot
Christian Living · Feb 4, 2020 ·

U.S. - Spotify has introduced a long-awaited feature for Christians: the app will now automatically switch over from secular music to Christian as soon as you pull into your church's parking lot.

If you're blasting Metallica before Sunday service and tear into the lot, the app will quickly switch things over to "God's Not Dead" or that weird song about getting your worship on so people will think you are holy.

"Our new Sunday mode feature has been a long time coming," said one Spotify developer. "Christian users complained that they'd drive right by the pastor, windows down with Van Halen, Bruno Mars, or Lady Gaga blaring from the speakers. But now you can switch into holy Christian mode without any effort at all. You don't want to advertise to your fellow Christians that you have no discernment, after all."

"No more embarrassment as the pastor hears Megadeth's Rust in Peace reverberating from your subwoofer!"

Spotify says it still can't help you stop cussing on Sunday, however, saying that you'll need to be sanctified through the Spirit for that to happen.


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