Satire: This Article Is Satire [Satire]
Internet · Feb 4, 2020 ·

This is a satirical article we've posted on our satire site which satirizes current events and Christian living topics through the use of satire.

This article addresses the issue of [current event or Christian living topic] in a satirical manner. You may or may not see [current event or Christian living topic] in a different or humorous way as we use irony, wit, and hyperbole to discuss it.

This fictionalized quote from a made-up character or real-life person related to the story supports the claim of our article while at the same time deploying the use of humor. "[Hilarious quote.]"

Further details are added here for those readers who have stuck with the article long enough to get to this point.

An additional quote may appear here if the writer thought of something else that's funny or needs to fill to hit the specified word count established by his editor. "[Possible additional quote.]"

A final line attempts to conclude the article and give its readers one more zinger regarding the satirized topic.

[Fantastic zinger.]

Thank you for your time.

[Even better zinger.]


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