During Solemn Altar Call, Pastor Makes Impassioned Plea For Hearers To Buy His New Book
Church · Jun 27, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

CARLSBAD, CA - According to congregants at New Hope Baptist Sunday, pastor Jim Irving gave a passionate altar call, in which he pressed those on the fence to make a public commitment to purchase his new book that very day.

"With every head bowed, and with every eye closed, who feels God calling them to buy my new book in the lobby for only $14.99?" pastor Jim Irving reportedly whispered into the microphone, the emotion in the darkened sanctuary palpable. "If you feel God tugging on your heart strings right now, I simply want you to raise your hand."

Witnesses who peeked out one eye despite the pastor's assurance that no one would be watching claimed that what happened next was miraculous, as over thirty hands went up, as people solemnly committed to take their first step of faith by purchasing Irving's book on successful living.

"Thank you, I see that hand there. Thank you. Yes, I see you in the back. Thanks, I see you there in the pink tie. Praise God. Praise Jesus," Irving reportedly said before inviting everyone to open their eyes once again, and asking those who had raised their hands in secret to now stand publicly and be recognized before being ushered to the booth in the lobby, where a team of trained volunteers were seen waiting to sell Irving's new book.

According to those at the scene, spontaneous applause erupted as those who had already owned the pastor's light, encouraging book on "living life to the fullest" were overcome with joy to see the new owners make a bold public stand to buy the book and associated study guide and DVD set.

"It wasn't me, it was the power of God at move in there today," Irving told reporters humbly after the service as he signed copies of the book in front of a large banner with his face on it. "Heck, who knows - even I might read the darn thing one day. I hear my ghostwriter Craig did a pretty good job on it."

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