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Small Group Sits In Awkward Silence For 14 Hours Waiting For Someone To Answer Leader's Question

COLLEGE PARK, GA—Attendees at a small group run by Jesus Bible Church of Christ confirmed Monday that the study's leader waited for a full 14 hours for someone to answer his question before finally moving on to the next part of the study.

"Does anyone have any thoughts on that?" the leader said after giving his take on the Bible passage. "Anyone? Cindy? How about you? No?"

The silence grew thicker as the group sat around waiting for someone, anyone, to say something, but no one did. Most small group leaders would then just give the scripted answer they would have accepted, but not this guy. He just kept on waiting, stubbornly holding out for someone to chime in.

"I like to let the awkwardness build for 13 or 14 hours," he told reporters later. "It gives some of the more introverted people the chance to speak up."

As the fourteenth hour of silence approached the next morning, several small group members couldn't take it anymore and leaped out an adjacent window, running to safety.

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