Shoes Filled With Essential Oils Sell Out In Minutes
Christian Living · Oct 15, 2019 ·

U.S. - Limited edition UGG shoes filled with essential oils sold out almost right away, reports claim.

The shoes, dubbed the "Karen," are filled with a blend of calming jasmine and holy basil, promising to comfort the wearer when she needs to speak to the manager at Walmart or Olive Garden.

The website selling the shoes bought several hundred regular pairs of UGGs and modified them to hold the liquid. A small amount of the scent is released as the owner walks around town, whether it's to yell at the coach at her kids' soccer game or to a women's Bible study that actually just reads Beth Moore books.

$3,000 was the asking price, but the site could have charged much more, as the shoes sold out in mere minutes.

One woman, Karen Smith in southern California, heard about the shoes, shrieked in delight, and immediately pulled out her bedazzled iPhone and ordered several pairs. She then called up her friends, Karen Patterson and Karen Michaels, and screamed into the phone that they needed to order a pair right away.

Similar stories were reported all across the country as women scrambled to pick up a pair of Karens.

While they're all sold out, the company is promising more shoes soon, which is good, because many women who could not get a pair have called the site demanding to speak to the manager.

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