Score! China Keeps Sending Everyone Packages Containing Giant Mystery Eggs
World · Aug 6, 2020 ·

Talk about a great score: a lot of Americans are reporting that they are getting packages from China containing giant mystery eggs.

Everyone is really excited to see what's inside!

"Well, that's really nice of them," said one man in Texas as he opened up his mystery box. "These eggs are awesome! I bet there's an adorable little critter just waiting to pop his little head out and say hello! I'm going to put them under a heat lamp so they'll hatch quick---AGGGH! MY FACE! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!"

Haha. What a jokester that guy is! We sure hope China sends us one of these friendly little gift boxes, and we just can't wait to see what adorable little creature is inside the egg. It's like Christmas in August!

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