SAT Now Features 5 Answer Bubbles: A, B, C, D, And ‘My Truth’
Sponsored · Aug 14, 2020 ·

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NEW YORK, NY - The College Board announced today that the SAT will be adding a new answer option to all multiple-choice questions starting this year. In addition to the traditional A, B, C, and D, students will now have the option to fill out a fifth answer bubble labeled "My Truth." This will enable them to bypass any questions they deem too triggering or racist, as well as any difficult question their disadvantaged socioeconomic statuses failed to prepare them for.

"This is a leap forward for social justice in academics," said Neezy Dargoone, superintendent of New York Public Schools. "We have long seen the traditional 4-answer system as archaic and rooted in rigid Western thought. This change simply brings the SATs into the postmodern era, and we're happy to see it!" 

Officials confirmed that any answer marked as "My Truth" will be counted as correct and receive full credit. Experts are already noting that disparities in SAT scores have virtually disappeared as a result, with every student in the country receiving perfect scores. Universities are bracing for an influx of tuition-free students in the coming year since every student now qualifies for a full-ride scholarship.

"For instance, if the question were 2+2, you could choose 3, 4, 5, 6, or just 'My Truth.' If you pick 'My Truth,' you're guaranteed to have your answer marked correct," said Dargoone.

In a move that will certainly not have any negative side effects, officials are hoping to further spread "my truth" testing to medical and engineering schools at Universities across the country. 

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