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Sad: This Pastor Foolishly Spent 3 Years In Seminary When He Could Have Been Educated On The Bible By An Internet Atheist For Free

Meet Pastor Charlie Henderson. He spent a full three years in seminary on top of four years of Bible college to learn all about the Bible.

Unfortunately, he didn't realize until it was too late that he could have simply been lectured by an atheist online for free.


"Oh man, I could have learned all about the Levitical law and how it forbids mixed fabrics and shellfish from an atheist rando online?" the pastor said. "I spent a whole class learning about that stuff! It took months! And these atheists lecture you on this stuff for free in just a couple of Facebook comments? Ugh. What a waste of my life!"

The pastor learned that just by posting a theological statement online, you instantly get a free education on errors in the Bible, logical fallacies present in arguments for God's existence, and the hypocrisy of Christians.

"It's like, a comprehensive education and everything," Pastor Charlie said as he scrolled through a popular atheist subreddit. "Think about all the time I wasted learning the original languages and the discipline of exegesis and hermeneutics when I could have just come to r/atheism."

"Welp, live and learn," Henderson said. "Maybe I'll pursue my doctorate using this neat little shortcut."

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