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Sacrilege: Ocasio-Cortez Seen Signing Economic Textbooks

AUSTIN, TX—While attending a special SXSW filled with many affluent haters of capitalism, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was filmed while signing several economics textbooks, a gesture that was offensive to many.

“Someone so hostile to math putting her name on such a book just seems like a mockery of everything economics stands for,” said economics professor Esther Summers. “To people who believe fervently in things like supply and demand and free markets, this is a real slap in the face.”

“She has expressed nothing but contempt for all the luxuries and other gains of our capitalist system,” stated pundit Richard Larson. “This is extremely offensive to the billions of people lifted out of poverty by capitalism this past century.”

Ocasio-Cortez seemed unfazed by the controversy. “Yay! I like writing my name!” she told reporters. “Though sometimes I have to google how to spell it since it’s kinda long.”

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