Republican Starting To Think Trump Might Not Pull Off A Last-Minute 4D Chess Move
Politics · Jan 20, 2021 ·

NORFOLK, VA - Edward Chasney is a long-time conservative, two-time Trump voter, and proud MAGA hat-wearer. Although President Trump has had a lot of challenges during his presidency and re-election campaign, Chasney has always expressed confidence that Trump would overcome those hurdles through his secret strategy.

"What you guys don't realize is that everything is unraveling according to super-genius Trump's ultimate plans!" Chasney tweeted after the final election results showed Biden in the lead, and again when the Supreme Court denied the legal cases contesting the election results, and then again when the electoral college votes were certified. He tried to tweet something similar after the Capitol riots, but his phone was ruined when he was maced by Capitol Police.

Although he has since been banned from Twitter, Chasney maintains an active presence on the social media startup, In several posts, he expressed confidence that Trump was somehow going to use military warships to prevent Joe Biden from being inaugurated, during which the truth about the fraudulent election would finally be revealed to all, and that he was waiting until the very last minute to do this "because of reasons which will be explained at that time." Once again, this was all part of Trump's "4D chess game against the powerful elite leftist conglomeration."

However, sources close to Chasney say that, as the Biden inauguration came to a close without major incident, he seemed a little less confident in his predictions. "I'm starting to think Trump might not come through with a surprise victory after all," Chasney admitted to a close friend.

Suddenly, Chasney brightened up. "Of course!" he declared, before posting the following revelation to his 157 followers: "I can't believe we couldn't see it before: Not winning was part of Trump's victory strategy this whole time… for reasons which he'll reveal when the time is right!"

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