Report: Sarcasm TOTALLY A Fruit Of The Spirit
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U.S.—A new report released by evangelical research team SpiritStudies confirmed Thursday that sarcasm is "like, totally a fruit of the Spirit."

"Oh yeah, sarcasm? That's definitely a fruit of the Spirit---like such a great way to show people how Christlike you are," said Steph Carson, lead researcher, as she rolled her eyes. "It's like just sooooo great to see how 'awesome' you're doing in your 'Christian walk' when you exhibit sarcasm all the time."

"Really, great job. Thanks a lot," she added.

The study revealed that people who pepper their speech and interactions with other Christians and non-believers are "such great Christians" and "really great witnesses, way better than those lame Christians who are nice all the time."

One critic pointed out that sometimes too much sarcasm can seem mean-spirited.

"No, you don't say. I'm shocked," Carson responded. "Great job, Sherlock."

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