Report: Hand You're Holding In Prayer Circle Sweating Profusely
Christian Living · Apr 10, 2018 ·

NELSON, TX - Stating the occurrence made the prayer circle even more tense and awkward than normal, multiple sources at a Tuesday church prayer circle reported that the guy next to you had profusely sweating hands, which you would be forced to hold during the time of petitions.

Realizing too late that you were situated next to the awkward guy with the wet palms, you were helpless to do anything except take his hand as the pastor called for a prayer circle, horrified sources around you confirmed. Giving in to your fate, you took the man's slick, perspiring hand and held it for the full, excruciating 10 minutes of communal prayer time as his sweat oozed from between his fingers.

Others were able to confirm that you couldn't concentrate on a single word of the petition to the Most High, as all you could think about was how you would casually attempt to wipe the man's sweat off onto your shirt without making him feel bad the moment the prayer was over.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that you were seated in the exact spot where the pastor would inevitably ask you to lead in the closing prayer for the night.


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