10 Lesser-Known VeggieTales Characters
Christian Living · Apr 9, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

Remember the good old days of VeggieTales? We learned tons about the Bible from those little veggies, some of whom were secretly fruits. But while everyone celebrates stars like Bob and Larry, you may have forgotten these one-off characters who aren't as well remembered:

1. Karen the Kale Leaf - Karen showed up in an early episode but was quickly canned as no one liked her. Dang it, Karen!

2. Andy the Amorphous Blob of Quinoa - Much like Karen, no one liked Andy. Sad!

3. Kyle the Monster Energy Drink - An early attempt to introduce product placement, Kyle was, unfortunately, a flop.

4. Stabbin' Steve the Murderous Vegetable Cleaver - Deemed way too dark for kids after thousands were sent to therapy, Steve never made an appearance again.

5. Fred the Fermented Grape - Fred showed up to teach kids a lesson about alcoholism. Baptists complained at the use of the fermented fruit, and Phil Vischer issued an apology shortly after the episode's release.

6. Lucy the Neglected Lettuce You Forgot About In Your Fridge Weeks Ago - Part of Michelle Obama's push to get kids eating health, the lettuce just kind of sat on the table looking sad as everyone ignored it.

7. Marley the Psychadelic Mushroom - A drug-abuse-themed episode that never aired starred Marley. He and Larry go on an insane trip and somehow end up seventy miles away from the kitchen sink in an Arby's.

8. Gary the Garbage Disposal - Big Idea tried their hand at a horror-themed episode "What's Eating Bob?" where Gary murders Bob violently. It didn't quite connect with Sunday School audiences.

9. Dave Ramsey's brief cameo as a bowl of rice and beans - Dave showed up and lectured Jerry Gourd on his constant need to eat out and Larry's obsession with SUVs, trying to get them to rein in their spending habits. Kids were even more scared of Dave than they were of Gary the Garbage Disposal.

10. Bob the Tomato after his tragic run-in with Gary the Garbage Disposal - Many felt the show jumped the shark during this episode, dubbed "The Search for Bob." He was resurrected as a ketchup bottle, raising all kinds of questions about the afterlife in the VeggieTales universe.

Did these remind you of your childhood days? Let us know your favorite VeggieTales characters in the comments!


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